Ultima Homes 3 Fav Lots Available in The Towns Regina


Ultima Homes currently has 11 lots available in one of the city’s newest southeast developments—The Towns Regina.

Although we selected all 11 lots with careful consideration, here is our top 3 picks on Ultima Homes lots available in The Towns Regina—AND—what we LOVE about them!

3109 Green Bank Road — Block 27, Lot 10

  • Front attached garage for added convenience;
  • West-facing backyard to enjoy sunsets;
  • Backing onto Woodland Grove Drive for extra privacy and
  • Tucked away on the road, reducing traffic.

3267 Valley Green Road — Block 25, Lot 11

  • Front attached garage for added convenience;
  • East-facing backyard to enjoy sunrises and
  • Nestled on a quiet street, reducing traffic.

4812 E Primrose Green Drive — Block 11, Lot 12

  • Front attached garage for added convenience;
  • Close proximity to the community’s green space and
  • Walking distance to École Wascana Plains and École St. Elizabeth Elementary Schools.

Our top 3 picks that are currently available in The Towns Regina each have attractive qualities that grabs our attention every time. These are our picks! What are yours?

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