What to Expect When Building Your Custom Home in Regina with Us:


We may be one of the newer home building companies in Regina—BUT—it doesn’t mean that we do not bring expertise, skill and creativity to the table.

We will take you through our simple process so that you can be prepared when you choose to build your custom home in Regina with us.

  1. Consultation — We set-up a free, no pressure consultation when we have a prospective buyer interested in building a custom home with us. During our initial sit-down, we gain an understanding of the total square footage desired, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, location and any other special features wanted.
  2. Square footage rate — It’s time to lock that square footage rate. We review and conduct research from the information provided to us in our initial consultation and create a contract that locks down a square footage rate. This helps guarantee that when sitting down with our draft expert, your house will be designed without exceeding your budget.
  3. Getting creative — It’s time to get creative! It is time to sit down with our draft expert and hammer out your vision. Our draft expert is talented and well-versed into taking thoughts and ideas and bringing them to life.
  4. Approval — Once the floor plan has been drafted the way you want it, we require signatures on the floor plans for your approval to move forward. We will use this floor plan as a solid foundation in the building process of your custom home in Regina.
  5. Getting all dressed up — It is time to dress the interior and exterior of your custom home in Regina—just the way you want it! We have an impressive number of options when it comes to finishes and store samples in our office for safe keeping. We take comfort in knowing that our clients have the convenience of choosing their house finishes  from our office (a one-stop-shop), instead of enduring the hassle of going to the suppliers and reporting back to us.
  6. 3D rendering reveal — Before we enter the more permanent stuff, we provide a  3D rendering of what you have chosen so far. This is an important last step before we go ahead with beginning to build your custom home in Regina.
  7. It’s go time — We begin with excavating and pouring the foundation. During this process, the City of Regina will look at the build site and give us approval to move forward (the process with the city for all new builds in Regina). After the foundation has been laid, we will begin framing.
  8. Walkthrough stages — Let’s get those legs moving! There will be a walkthrough for each stage: framing, electrical, plumbing, drywall, paint and finishes. These walkthroughs  give you the opportunity to make adjustments and changes—ultimately—making sure that your new home in Regina is completed the way you want it.
  9. Inspection — Once your house has been built and finished to your liking, the city will swing by and do an inspection — as required for all custom homes in Regina. Once the city gives the A-Ok, we will be able to hand the keys over to you and your house will be yours!

Hopefully this helped paint a clear picture of what you can expect in the home building process when you build with us! Any questions? Contact us here.